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Biotrue® multi-purpose solution For Soft Contact Lenses Including Silicone Hydrogel Lenses. Works Like Your Eyes.

the world can be tough on your eyes when you wear contact lenses. In a world of less sleep and more computer use it can be difficult for your eyes to stay comfortable and moist, especially wearing contacts.

Biotrue makes wearing lenses easier on your eyes because it works like your eyes.

Biotrue has the same pH as healthy tears and a lubricant found in your eyes.

Our laboratory research shows that Biotrue helps keep lenses moist up to 20 hours!!! We hope to hear from you about your own experience with Biotrue.

  • Up to 20 hours of Moisture!!!
  • Product lifespan: 1 Month (Once Opened)
  • 120 ml in a Sterile bottle
  • pH balanced to match healthy tears and kills 99.9% of germs.
  • For Soft Contact Lenses including Silicone Hydrogel lenses.
  • Please Ensure your fingertips are Completely Clean. To avoid any unwanted redness to your eyes.
  • CONTENTS: a sterile, isotonic solution that contains hyaluronan, sulfobetaine, poloxamine, boric acid, sodium borate, edetate disodium and sodium chloride and preserved with a dual disinfection system. (polyaminopropyl biguanide 0.00013% and polyquaternium 0.0001%).

**If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, immediately discontinue from using this product.

**THESE ITEMS are non-exchangeable and non-returnable, due to disposable products.

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